Change Log

Version 3.3 – 7 April 2024
[Fixed] Candidate Sign up and user invitation [Fixed] Application form basic info modify option [Fixed] Career page hero image update [Fixed] Microsoft excel date issue with sample import file [Updated] Apply JobPost flow [Updated] Candidate list performance improved
Version 3.2 – 03 January 2024
[Fixed] Applicant data migration [Fixed] Applicant details view enhancement
Version 3.1 – 29 November 2023
[Fixed] Permission issue fixed [Fixed] Hot fix for previous release
Version 3.0 – 12 November 2023
Note: This release contains a breaking change in the UI and Data Structure. We recommend updating only when there is no active job post.
[Added] Candidate Features - Candidate login - Candidate registration - Candidate role management - Show candidate phone number - Import candidates - Candidate notification for new job posts published - Candidate able to add multiple job experiences - Phone number in the basic information - Job alerts [Added] Job Posting and Management - Added experience level in job post - Select and Multiselect option in application form - Control to show/hide salary in job post - Allowed Excel file in application form upload - Add job search in career page [Added] Job Site Enhancements - SEO friendly URL - Google jobs integration - Embedded video support in public site - Pagination/load more options for jobs in public site - Improved landing design [Added] Administrative Features - Added export permission in the role - Customizable application form modification feature - Allowed excel file in application form upload [Fixed] Issues - Expired job posts should not show in the career page - Removed gender as required from application form - Improved attachment download and preview option [Updated] User Experience and UI - Changed the currency icon - Fully customisable candidate application form settings - UI updated for public site - UI updated for individual job post in public site - UI updated candidate application form submission public site
Version 2.3 – 12 November 2023
[Added] Prerequisite for Version 3.0
Version 2.2 – 22 March 2023
[Added] Add editor in career page [Added] Export candidate [Updated] Improved career page design [Fixed] Fixed missing language issues [Fixed] Fixed permission issues [Updated] Improve documentation
Version 2.1 – 25 January 2023
[Added] Support image format in application form [Updated] Optimize email sync response [Updated] Improve documentation
Version 2.0 – 17 October, 2022
[Added] Email conversation with candidates [Added] Imap integration (SMTP) [Added] Php 8 support [Updated] Updated to laravel 9 [Updated] Career Page design improvement [Fixed] Sign up and login year change dynamically [Fixed] Fixed language issue
Note: This update will not be compatible with PHP 7.4 version anymore.
To get email conversation. you must require to setup a cron job on your hosted server,
After setting up the Cronjob, go to src folder and open .env file: update QUEUE_CONNECTION=database and Save. And need to use the same SMTP email service for both Imap and sending the email.
Version 1.5 – 17 October, 2022
[Updated] Prerequisite update Version 1.5 [Fixed] Fixed language issue
Note: The application will support PHP 8.x version after this update. We request you upgrade your server's PHP version to 8.x immediately. Our future update will not be compatible with PHP 7.4 version anymore.
Version 1.4 – 7 April, 2022
[Added] Zoom integration [Added] Schedule zoom meeting with candidates [Added] Auto email notification with Zoom invitation links to candidate and attendee [Added] Implement file uploader in application as custom field [Added] Admin can upload candidate CV [Updated] Optimize code and improve data response [Updated] Improve documentation [Fixed] Career page edit design issue and career page data issue [Fixed] Fixed language issue [Fixed] Fixed some bugs
Version 1.3 – 10 March, 2022
[Updated] Added no of vacancy field in jobpost [Updated] Improved Career page functionality [Updated] Optimize code and improve data response [Updated] Improve documentation [Fixed] Fixed language issue [Fixed] Fixed some bugs

N.B: You need to update v1.1.1 first then update v1.2 immediately. v1.2 is the major update. v1.1.1 is the prerequisite of v1.2.

Version 1.2 – 28 November, 2021
[Updated] New installer updated [Updated] Fixed Updated functionality [Updated] Optimize code and improve data response [Updated] Improve documentation [Fixed] Fixed some bugs
Version 1.1.1 – 28 November, 2021
[Updated] App update functionality updated

N.B: You need to update v1.0.1 first then update v1.1 immediately. v1.1 is the major update. v1.0.1 is the prerequisite of v1.1.

Version 1.0.1 – 05 October, 2021
[Updated] App update functionality updated
Version 1.1 – 05 October, 2021
[Added] Test mail added for email setup [Added] Note added for attendees for creating event [Updated] New installer wizard introduced [Updated] Optimize code and improve data response [Updated] Improve installation documentation [Fixed] Fixed some bugs