Important settings for the app

Few important settings are needed to run the app. Without these settings app can't do some process.

Delivery settings

Delivery settings is one of the most important settings for the app. Delivery settings mean which settings your app will use to send mail. Most of the mail in app are user invitation mail, password reset mail, Notification mail.

You can setup mail from here: Settings > App Settings > Delivery

App delivery settings will mostly use for user invitation and password reset mail. Also if you choose mail notification channel from notification settings then this will also use for sending notification mail. You can find this settings from App panel navigation menu.

You have four option to set up delivery settings

1. Mailgun

To set up Mailgun you will need a Domain name ( Here is how you can add domain in mailgun), API key, From name, From email.

2. Amazon SES

Amazon SES needed Api Region, Access Key ID, Secret Access key, From name and From email to set up.

You also have to verify the email address which you are using as from email.


SMTP needed hostname, port, encryption, username, password, From name and From email to set up.

N.B: For Gmail sender email: You have to enable "Less secure app access" from your Google account security settings.

# Click on your Google profile image (Right top side) > Manager your google account > Security (left side) menu > Scroll down and goto "Less secure app access" section > click "Turn on access" > do "Allow less secure apps: ON"

4. Sendmail

Sendmail needed path(optional), from name and from email to set up.